What Is Me?

| October 2, 2018


What Is Me?” Is an allegorical work of modern day philosophy (circa 2018) set in the form of a children’s picture book. Much of what is deemed the utmost importance in our society is far gone from the necessities of survival, and questions posed by internal strife in search of their “What” is their place in life take precedent over the why and hows of furthering our existence. On a less in-depth level, though just as important, “What Is Me?” is a picture storybook about the possible questions someone might be asking themselves as they grow and question their orientation and interests. This book is a perfect tool for a child, teen, or family who may be feeling afraid or confused about their gender orientation, hobbies, or interests they prefer. This is a great ice breaker for parents wishing to talk to their children about such topics, as well as a great way for teens and preteens to begin a dialogue with their parents or family.


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