Author interview with Sonya Jesus of ‘Knights After My Heart’

Author Interview with Sonya Jesus

Lia is a typical college junior with commitment issues. As she works her way around her heart, she has no idea she’s being stalked by a person who has infiltrated her inner circle. The closer she gets to figuring out who wins her heart, the more Hawk unravels. No one’s safe.



Will Lia’s safety unravel with the infiltration of her inner circle? Risking our own safety, Sonya Jesus and I have joined Lia’s circle today to unravel the depths of ‘Knights After My Heart’. To start us off in the right place, Sonya, can you take us back to how this novel came to life. When did it all begin?

While I was working on my thesis. It started off as a way to destress and ended up a whole series.



Did you find that you used your recent experiences as a college junior to get into the mind of Lia and her fellow cast?

I tapped into some college experiences, but most of the fun was creating the characters from scratch.



What steps did you take to create the characters from scratch? Did you do anything special?

They just kind of showed up one day and wouldn’t leave.



*Laughs* The best characters just do that! They show up, won’t take no for an answer and teach you so many things. What things do you felt that you learnt while bringing these characters to life?

I was told that the first few chapters of the book were loaded and that caused a bit of confusion, but after that they were addicted. So, I learned to ease back a little in the beginning and I’ve applied that to a few other stories.



As you write now do you feel that this need to ease back creeps into your mind? Or do you find yourself focusing on other aspects?

I focus on the characters and their world. They take over.



Do you find it energising when the characters take over?

It relaxes me.



I can see how that would happen too, it is nice for someone else to take the reigns every now and again. What message or idea do you felt that your characters led you to in this book?

That love isn’t always a good thing.



Oh, that’s a message that you don’t often see, and one that’s important to talk about. After meeting Lia, I’m sure many of the readers out there will be keen to meet some of your other characters, so are there any upcoming projects that the readership can look forward to?

I have so many at the moment. I am working on the final book in this series. I also have a whole new series that I can’t wait to release.



Exciting! New projects are always so much fun, and you learn so much! Looking back between the Knights series, and your new one coming soon, do you feel that you’ve made significant progress as an author?

I’m learning. When I reread the first book and compare it to the last one I released, I always smile. I’m happy with how things have progressed, and I have learned to trust my gut.



It is always important to trust your gut because it’s always talking to you for a reason! One of my favourite ways to get that gut in check is to throw some random possibilities at it and see how it handles them, so let’s give your gut a workout today by playing with a few gut-worthy questions. And we’ll start with, if money doesn’t grow on trees then why do banks have branches?

They are only there for decoration.



They could do with a little more tinsel and lights to build on that decorative idea! Can you cry underwater?

I totally read this as “Can you carry underwear?” But nope, I don’t think you can cry underwater.



*Laughs* Love that interpretation! I’m going to ask that question going forward instead! It’s much quirkier than my next one if space is a vacuum, who changes the bags?

The Big Dipper



What is your favourite word?




Oh, that is a great word. I love it how it rolls of the tongue. On the topic of tongues, why is a square meal served on round plates?

To remind of me Geometry and why I should have paid attention.



Geometry is important, but not more important than imagination. So let’s get your imagination fired up by inventing a monster. If you invented a monster what would it look like and what would you call it?:

Freginntoe. A fuzzy unicorn with dragon feet.



Awwwww, cute and cool! On the topic of cool, what happens if Batman gets bitten by a vampire?

Superman throws them a party.



It is something worth celebrating! If you could breed two animals together what new animal would you create?

A Siberian Tigny. The mix of a bunny with a white tiger.



Awwww. Put it together with your Freginntoe and I think you’ll have an awesome tale worth reading! Now you’ve suggested an awesome new question for me to ask the authors, so let’s give it a whirl. What commercial slogan would you use as your life motto?

He’s like a cup of Campbell’s soup…MmmMmm good.



*Laughs* An interesting choice, and one that I’d love to see in action! And you never know our readers might see it in action in ‘Knights After My Heart’. Sonya, thanks so much for chatting with me today, and I can’t wait to hear about the next book in the series!


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