My Fiancé’s Brother: A military romance (The Guilty Series Book 1)

| October 4, 2018


“Odette Stone weaves a story with themes of romance, loss, betrayal, and loneliness into one seamless, poignant piece with a cliffhanger that will leave you begging (and cursing) for the next book.” (Good Reads review.)

I couldn’t stop reading. Honestly. I read all night. The sun just rose and the birds are singing.” (Amazon Review.)

“Wow, this story got me!” (Amazon Review.)

“Odette you have my heart and I need it back right now! This book has stolen my breath and now I am a puddle of mess.” (Amazon review.)

I tried to kill him.

Accidentally, of course. But wouldn’t you do the same if you found an enormous, intimidating Navy SEAL rummaging through your house? Jackson Hunter barged into my life like a freight train. Unrelenting. Unapproachable. Unafraid. He made me realize things I wasn’t ready to realize—that I was lonely, hurting, afraid. I fell in lust with him. Possibly even in love. The only problem?

He was my fiancé’s brother.

Three months before the big day, Emily finds herself anxiously planning a wedding without the help of her increasingly erratic fiancé Matt. And then, Matt’s brother Jackson comes along, intruding into her life uninvited and showing her what she’s missing.

Emily desperately tries to keep her carefully-planned future on track. But with her growing feelings for Jackson and Matt’s cold, distant behavior, her plans unravel by the second, and she begins to fall for Jackson.

A harmless little crush never hurt anyone…. right?

This full-length 86,000 word Navy SEAL & virgin romance is part one of a two-part book series. It is intended for mature audiences. This two book series will put you through an emotional roller coaster.


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