Crossing the Moon

| October 10, 2013


Crossing the Moon

“So how was it, I wondered, that I had arrived at this point in my life: almost thirty-nine years old, no child? When I looked back, I could see why, and even when, I took a sharp turn away from motherhood. I could also see why motherhood would catch up with me.”

CROSSING THE MOON is Paulette Bates Alden’s memoir of the years that followed, when having a child became the most important thing in her life. Raised Southern in the fifties, Alden had turned her back on the “virgin-wife-mother” path before her, and chose a writer’s life instead. When with some ambivalence she and her husband embark on a course of infertility treatment, it is a journey with many unexpected returns. This is a wry and poignant tale of the choices that women must make–and learn to live with.


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