Rebirth of the Undead King: Volume 1

| October 7, 2018


Rebirth of The Undead King chronicles the journey of a young village boy who seeks revenge from the monarchy of his kingdom. His opportunity presents itself when he finds the remaining soul fragment of a fallen god, betrayed by his peers, with as much desire for revenge as him.

With the fallen god Amro as his teacher, Zaros will come to learn of the ways of the world. Once presented with the cruelty of society and the dark nature of humanity, will he choose to uphold his ideals? Or will he embrace the legacy of his benefactor?

Witness their story in a world filled with mages, knights and magical creatures as both of them reap whoever stands in the way of their revenge. Witness the birth of a new Overlord of Death.

This debut novel from InkBamboo is a new addition to the ranks of a grimdark fantasy tradition forged by light novels like Overlord, Dungeon Defense and The Saga of Tanya the Evil.

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