Pure Dark Vol 1: The Ultimate Horror Endurance Test

| October 7, 2018


Can You Survive Pure Dark?

Heroin junkie Charlie Ferrari has overdosed one too many times. They’ve put him in an induced coma. He’s trapped in a series of nightmares he can’t escape from – and you’re tagging along for the ride…

BOO! Welcome to PURE DARK.

Eight tales of unforgiving horror that will test your stomach, sanity, and mental well-being.

The deepest, darkest, and most disturbing recesses of the human mind. There are no werewolves, vampires, and zombies here. Shape-shifting women, killer clowns, malformed babies, violent teenagers, sexual revenge, and unflinching genocide awaits you. It all ends with the most, gore-soaked, vomit-splattered, and f**ked-up finale you’ll never fully recover from.

Not everyone has made it all the way through to the end. Take the challenge right now. We dare you.

Scroll up and hit the buy now button. Let’s see how strong your stomach really is, tough guy.

WARNING: Pure Dark is NOT for those with a sensitive disposition, and certainly not for minors. It’s barely suitable for adult consumption, to be perfectly honest.

The PURE DARK series:

Pure Dark Volumes 1 – 3: The Ultimate Horror Endurance Trilogy
Pure Dark Vol 1
Pure Dark Vol 2
Pure Dark Vol 3

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