Blue Mercy: A Novel.

| October 10, 2013


Blue Mercy: A Novel.

When Mercy Mulcahy was 40 years old, she was accused of killing her elderly and tyrannical father, Martin. Now at the end of her life, she has written a book about what really happened on the fateful night of Christmas Eve, 1989 — and she desperately wants her daughter, Star, to read her explanation and finally understand.

The tragic and beautiful Mercy has devoted her life to protecting Star from neglect and cruelty, especially from her father, whose behavior so blighted her own life. Was Martin’s death, as many believe, an assisted suicide? Or something more sinister?

Or is Mercy innocent of all?

The only other person who might know the truth, Mercy’s boyfriend Zach, isn’t talking. And Star, angry and rebellious, has her own reasons for resisting Mercy’s version of events.

Full of emotional twists and surprises (“breathtaking, and I mean literally — actual gasps will happen” said one customer review), this is the perfect book club book, as nothing is what it seems on the surface and some readers find themselves identifying with the mother and others with the daughter.

Set in Ireland and California, this compelling novel combines lyrical description with an enthralling, page-turning style to create a heartbreakingly beautiful tale of love, loss and the ever-present possibility of redemption.


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