Cool Math Games for Kids (Kids Books Ages 9-12)

| October 9, 2018


Q: Can you really combine math with FUN? A: A resounding YES!

This book includes easy math games for kids ages 4 to 12, and also PRINTABLES!

Oversized Printables to help your kid with the pencil work and erasing.

Dice games Couple FUN with LEARNING – the most Effective way to learn math.


  • Big oversize templates of the number and dice for kids 4 to 6
  • “EASY YATZEE” for kids 5 to 9
  • Yatzee for kids 9 and up (adults love this game too!)
  • Mountain: for kids 4 to 9
  • Easy Sudokus for Kids: Lots of them! 

AND…All downloadable printables are free 🙂

Scroll up and grab a copy today! Help your kid couple Learning Math with FUN!


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