The Stories of J.Z. Pinder: Captivating Tales of Romance, Horror, Adventure and Fantasy – 7 long stories

| October 10, 2018



This imaginative collection of lengthy stories by J.Z. Pinder contains something for every reader. Totaling 55,000 words, the seven story collection touches on the popular genres of romance, horror, crime, fantasy and adventure. Since most are close to or at 10,000 words, the author was able to work a fascinating plot into each story. Every story actually reads like a mini-novella, with a surprising twist at the end.

One day while shopping in the small supermarket near her apartment, Darline meets a handsome man named Buddy. Later, Buddy seems to keep turning up in Darline’s life. You will be thrilled by the thrilling and unusual ending to this lengthy story.

DARLINE’S SEXUAL HARASSMENT: A woman fights a workplace predator
Darline Flowers, a pretty blonde in her late twenties takes a position as executive secretary to Earl Brumbach who has a notorious reputation of harassing female employees. You will thoroughly enjoy this story and her solution to the problems with her horny boss.

Lance Pisano lives an uneventful life with his wife and young daughter. His world is turned upside down when he meets a beautiful widow, Regina Henley. The love hate romance of Lance and Regina is something to read about. The unique, shocking finale to this story puts it in a class all by itself. You must read this romantic story to delve into its hidden sensual secrets. This story was originally written as a part of a sensual erotica series

THE ICE CREAM ADDICTION: A mysterious herb takes over a country town
Lorna “Ma” Carney, a middle-aged widow, owns a small family dairy farm called Good Acres. She decides to open an ice cream shop in Colton Hollow, her home town. The tale that unravels around the shop will keep you in suspense until the last page.

BEVERLY’S LOVE AFFAIR: A frustrated woman’s search for romance
This is a a moving story of love and pride. A bored and neglected married woman, Beverly Rollins, is considering having an affair with Christopher, a man she chats with online. She finally decides to meet him in person. You will enjoy the hot couple romance of our Beverly and Christopher. The unexpected and passionate climax to this story makes it a very memorable one. This story is one of several sexy hot tales written by J.Z. Pinder.

LOVE AND DANGER IN HAVANA: Adventure during the Cuban revolution
This adventurous action story is set in the aftermath of the Cuban revolution of 1959. While visiting a famous Havana bar, tourists Annette and Larry invite a handful of Cuban soldiers to a party at the hotel the next evening. The exciting events that follow make this story a must read.

Young Tommy is Christmas shopping within his mother. What follows is a night of horror in Baumgartner’s famed department store toyland that he will never forget. This pulse-pounding story builds to a thrilling and unforeseen finale.


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