The Plague City : A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (Science Fiction, A Post-Apocalyptic, EMP Survival Thriller, Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Young Adult, Mysteries, Short Reader Book 1)

| October 10, 2018


The Event causes the failure of every electronic device in the town

When Steve Flint returns to his home town of Dillon to visit his elderly parents he only expects to be there for a few days. His plans are quickly shattered when an unexplained event causes the failure of every electronic device in the town. In a matter of days the people of Dillon are exposed to how fragile the systems are that they take for granted and how quickly social norms begin to disintegrate. Resources, relationships and even moral code are tested to the limit. Initially, it is a general reluctance to accept that life support systems that had come to be accepted as normal, could in fact, be so delicate. That early period of denial prevented action from being taken.

The theory of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)

Suddenly the ageing Vietnam War veteran, Jimmy Spears, doesn’t seem as crazy as many people had assumed him to be as he built a life around concepts of self sufficiency and minimal dependence on state support structures. It was Jimmy who first offered the theory of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) as the cause of the dramatic changes. A theory many people refused to accept.

The risk of going back

If things are bad in Dillon, Steve can only imagine how much worse they will be in the city where his wife Abby waits for his return. In spite of a barrage of advice telling him not to risk going back, Steve knows that he has no choice but to try to save his wife.

Sometimes love supersedes even such things as the fear of violence and disease.


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