Ladbrokes On And Off The Rails

| October 11, 2018


Ladbrokes on and off the rails is the history of Ladbrokes from its inception in 1886 up to its disappearance as an independent entity in 2015, when it was merged into what became the Ladbrokes Coral Group.

Also included is the story of the London casinos, including those owned by Corals, Playboy and others, during the 1970s, when nearly every casino lost its license due to the questionable activities of the directors.

It is the story of Arthur Bendir and Cyril Stein, without either of whom Ladbrokes would not exist today. It contains instances of corporate and personal greed, together with examples of good management practice and mismanagement and the boardroom ‘cricket match’ in which one director after another is bowled out for one reason or another.

The author held several positions within the Ladbroke Group during the 1970s, including that of Group Chief Accountant.

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