The Winning Ticket

| October 13, 2018


Ashleigh Turner, a rising asset manager in London’s prestigious Canary Wharf, has a naughty streak. He drinks too much, he parties too hard and he dabbles with the ladies which his wife has warned him about.

A four-day conference in South Africa. No chaperone. And all that fun to be had. Ashleigh hooks-up with Grant Moyle, another Londoner staying at the same hotel, and they hit the Johannesburg nightlife to do what Ashleigh enjoys most.

That trait that thrives on market ups and downs, that trait that makes him shoplift for the hell of it, makes Ashleigh nick a piece of paper from a man too pathetic to prevent it. Not aware of it at the time, the paper’s worth a fortune. In a way an innocent theft. In a way understandable. But utterly life altering. What’s more, when Grant suspects what Ashleigh’s done, he wants a cut.

But the following day at the hotel strange things happen. Suspicions and doubts rise. The two Londoners flee South Africa for the safety of home, convinced that the South African authorities are on to them. But the people after them are far more dangerous than the law. Reggie Barrett operates in Johannesburg’s underworld of nightclubs, drugs and hired-women. He knows what Ashleigh’s done. He’s murdered the rightful owner. And now that he and his henchmen are in London, he means to get that ticket.

“Can’t ask for more in a good thriller!” William Liu

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