Gil’s World

| October 15, 2018


After a relentless war ravaged the galaxy for hundreds of millions of years, an insidious enemy was finally subdued by the events of the Great Conflation – although not defeated. With the pre-Conflation empires in ruins and the Ascended Biologicals wiped out, the decimated galactic community struggled to rebuild itself from the ashes, and the machine-led Wanderer civilisation rose to prominence.

A lone Wanderer craft-lect – a sentient machine intelligence – has found something on an innocuous world it had marked for routine decontamination. Something that may aid it in finally discovering answers about their formidable enemy, and with the power to stop it.

Gil, a young woman from an isolated commune, realises that her abilities far surpass anything she had suspected, but do they come at a price? She battles to save the future of her commune against mysterious, ancient rivals, and possibly much more.

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