Dane Blaise: Flashback: Episodes 1 – 6

| October 16, 2018


A Spinoff from the Beachcomber Investigations Series

Episodes 1- 6
A look into the past of ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise.
What makes this man tick? What made Dane Blaise into the legend he became?
It could have been the loss of his father to the war and his pride in his father’s military heroism. But that damaged him more than made him.
He could have been born with the need, or he might have learned it, but Dane Blaise had the need to protect others and seek justice at a young age.
A chance meeting on a sunny afternoon when he was only fourteen lead to a four year long war with a mean young delinquent that was never going to end well for one of them.
Even If Dane won the battle, by the time it was over, he’d lose his innocence, gain his cynicism about love and romance and lose a piece of his soul forever.

When he’s only fourteen years old, a test of Dane’s sense of justice and his separates him from the norm in his own mind.


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