Author interview with Jeff Margrett of ‘The Rubber Stamp’

Author interview with Jeff Margrett

Psychologist Peter Huber has been asked to consult on the release of a patient sentenced to a secure psychiatric facility. He has done this work before but this time things are different. This time the patient not only was sentenced for murder but he has an extraordinary history. Dr. Huber has his work cut out for him in this short story The Rubber Stamp.



What will Dr Huber uncover as he meets this patient? To find the tale behind this short story, author Jeff Margrett has dropped in for a few minutes to talk all about The Rubber Stamp. Jeff, let’s start at the beginning. How did this tale begin?

I am a big fan of historical fiction though I do not write that genre. One day I just kind of came up with a germ of an idea that combined my style with the past. It is kind of different but I think it is fun.



Did you try and extend this germ out with experiences from your own life?

This story is such a case “wouldn’t it be amazing if…” that it sure didn’t come from my life.



*Laughs* So if the story didn’t have snippets of your own life, what ideas did you focus on as you wrote?

When I write I am focused on what twist or turn is coming next and how to get there.



All those twists and turns! What did you learn most about following the ups and downs of them?

I learned that a germ of an idea takes a lot of work to make into a story!



Does the sheer amount of work that is required to turn the germ into something more tend to energise or exhaust you?




*Laughs* An even mix! What do you feel is the most important point that you wanted to share with readers by bringing your book to market?

I have always loved stories that are just fun fiction. I don’t want a message or a narrative. I want to escape. This story was meant to take a very creative “what if” and make it work.



We can’t give away the ending and let readers know if the escape successfully built answered the ‘what if’, but instead could you share your next writing project where they can get another taste of ‘what if’ magic?

I am currently working on the next installment in my series “The Injustice Collector.”



As you’re working on many writing projects including a series, have you started to think about how you can pull all of your stories together under an author brand?

I write under the motto: “Fiction, pure and simple.” I want to help bring back short fiction as an entertainment form. If someone wants a half hour escape, I want to provide it with a complete, entertaining story – start to finish. I have a series that is on-going as well as a collection that are completely stand-alone works.



I love your dedication to the world of short stories. And the shortest stories I know are only a sentence or two long. So, in the spirit of pure and simple, what would you do if you could breed two animals together?

I would combine a rabbit and a snake. When they eat my plants it would be far more entertaining.



It definitely would! A wonder if they have fluff, scales or both. Maybe it’s something worth exploring in your next tale! But until then, can you share your favourite line from ‘The Rubber Stamp’ with us to whet our appetites?

He knew it all came down to the fact that he spoke German.



Interesting, interesting. Well, for those readers who want to delve a little more into his speaking skills they should check out a copy of ‘The Rubber Stamp’ today. Jeff, thanks so much for sharing a taste of your work today, and I wish you the best of luck on your new instalment!


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