Author interview with Jeff Davis of ‘The Gospel According To El Jefe’

Jeff Davis of 'The Gospel According To El Jefe'

Congratulations young lad, you have made it to high school. This is the most crucial point in your life where you begin to learn about different people, cultures, and philosophies and maybe make new friends, learn a new subject, or become extremely popular among your peers. It all sounds awesome, doesn’t it?



Is it as awesome as it seems? Jeff Davis, author of The Gospel According To El Jefe, and I take a few moments to chat this morning about the awesome nature of writing. Jeff, do you find writing awesome and exciting, or do you find the task of getting everything down on paper a bit exhausting?

A combination of both. When I get excited about what I’m going to create, then I get energized. But then when I’ve been doing it for an hour and a half my eyes start to get heavy.



How much time do you put into writing?

3 hours every other day.



That would put you at about 7.5 hours of writing a week which is fantastic! How do you find those hours generally pass? What are you thinking about as you’re putting your story to paper?

A movie plays in my head of what’s happening and I like to think of the actors or actresses that could play these characters.



As you’ve kept watching those movies in your head, do you feel that you’ve seen an improvement in your writing voice?

My author’s voice is sort of like a campfire storyteller that keeps you immersed in the action as they explain it.



And every good campfire storyteller has another tale up their sleeve to dazzle their audiences with next time. What’s the next tale that you’re working on?

I’m currently working on a young adult teen thriller about an orphan that gets adopted by a paedophile and must now try to kill him.



I can feel the thrills from here! I’d best let you return to your next set of thrills so you can get them campfire ready, but I’d like to thank you for sharing a little of the brain behind the book ‘The Gospel According To El Jefe’.

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