Pup Pup Gets Adopted (The Pup Pup Series)

| October 11, 2013


Pup Pup Gets Adopted (The Pup Pup Series)

Pup Pup Gets Adopted

Children never forget their first dog, and it’s very likely they won’t forget Pup Pup Gets Adopted, either! This charming, realistic depiction of one family’s canine adoption experience is a fun and engaging way to teach children, ages 3 to 6, about the rewards and responsibilities connected to adopting a family dog.

Pup Pup is an adorable German shepherd puppy who just happens to attract the attention of little Scarlett when she visits a German shepherd’s young brood with her parents and Brother Zak. All of the puppies there have distinctly individual personality traits such as shyness, aggressiveness, and friendliness but it is the puppy that is running around chasing his tail that Scarlett singles out. When she tries to pet him and picks him up, she discovers that the puppy is as gentle as he is playful.

The whole family loves the charming, gentle puppy so they decide to take him home. Of course, it takes a little time for Pup Pup to settle into his new home but the family has all of the right elements in place to make him comfortable: a collar, bed, special food, water, and lots of love!

Pup Pup Gets Adopted is an educational, fun way to tap into children’s natural love for animals and is especially useful for parents with children interested in adopting a first pet.


• Designed for children ages 3 to 6

• Illustrated with vivid and colorful illustrations

• An easy early reading experience for novice readers

• Ideal for bedtime storytelling


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