Corona of Blue

| October 12, 2013


Corona of Blue

Rayleigh Angelica Thorn is being haunted and going mad. Her parents have just introduced her to the perfect gentleman. She owns her own dark, cryptic bookstore in the heart of the city, The Broken Spine, while its single occupant, Junky, a black cat with an attitude, roams its isles.

But it’s all about to come crashing down. A message on her phone unearths a torrents of memories – a voice from the past that should have been dead long ago. Ghostly visitations from a young girl who looks exactly like her, but somehow isn’t, haunt her lonely evenings at home.

Rayleigh’s mental state is in the balance; she drinks too much, and on top of everything else, she might be falling in love. But in order to save herself and those around her, she must go home again. Only with the onslaught of memories and her fragile state of mind, Rayleigh Thorn isn’t sure she’s up for the task.

Teeming with sass, Corona of Blue is a ghost story thriller like no other. Packing a wallop of chills and frightful shivers, it still brims with love and compassion. Long after the final page is turned, Rayleigh Thorn will haunt you still.


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