Nowhere to Run: A Bite Size Paranormal Romance – Book One

| October 23, 2018


Megan is special, she’s magic. Living in Newark New Jersey, working as an IT consultant she is hiding a terrible secret. Hiding from the people that hunt her for her powerful abilities, hiding from her past…. until one day she comes face to face with pure evil. And instead of hiding, her true nature and magic puts her in the middle and places her life in danger.

This is the first in a series of Bite Size Paranormal Romance short books. It will leave you wanting more! Enjoy

This is a short romance. Intended to give the reader moments of joy, mystery, suspense and entertainment.

MJ Dunn is an experienced non-fiction writer who’s work under a pen name is well respected in the Law of Attraction, Manifestation and Energy Exercises & Experiments circles of writing. This short story is the first in a series that will continue throughout the year.


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