Sins of the Son (A New York Mob Romance)

| October 25, 2018


An unexpected romance could change New York City’s most deadly organized crime families forever.

For more than thirty years, the Giuliani family has ruled New York’s criminal underworld. As of late, the ambitious Lombardi family is clawing their way to the top, determined to claim a place for themselves after the killing of one of their most notorious underbosses.

As the war between the two mob families rages, two of the youngest rivals unexpectedly meet for the first time – and sparks fly. On one side is Francesco Giuliani, rightful heir to the Giuliani empire. On the other, Jessica Lombardi, an educated newcomer trying to carve her place in her family’s hierarchy.

Will their secret fondness for one another be enough to stop their notorious families from tearing one another apart?


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