Crimson Kisses

| October 27, 2018


One witch. Five guardians. A world of danger and intrigue with secrets that will change their lives forever…

Rory Bright’s world has been turned on its head. Gone are the simple days of living her life under the strict watch of the Regime. Fateful events have plunged her into a a secret world of witches and magic.

But all is not as it seems.

There are hidden forces guiding Rory’s path—and she doesn’t want any part of it. All she wants is to live her life, make her own choices.

Fate has other plans.

As Rory learns more about the secret world of the Regime, she uncovers dark secrets that set off a chain of events that rock her very foundation to the core. With the help of an arrogant shapeshifter, a compelling vampire, a mysterious vargr, and her lifelong best friend friend, she discovers powers beyond her wildest dreams.

But danger lurks in the dark, and Rory must decide if she’ll give in to her fate…or create her own destiny.

Crimson Kisses, the first novel in the Marked Souls series, is a full-length reverse harem paranormal romance full of adventure, intrigue and passion. Get ready to discover a captivating new world.?

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