She Got Me (Imani): A Hip Hop Romance Story

| October 28, 2018


What if longtime friends and former love partners, Marquis and Imani, dancing together in Japan ruin the competition for the dance team? 

The passion for hip hop dancing is what brought them to Japan. Now their passion for the game is steadily bringing them closer together again after a midnight one-night stand a few years back.

As they struggle to keep a lid on the raw emotions that are smoldering beneath the surface, it’s only a matter of time before something gives and they can no longer deny the past and it’s now consuming them.

There’s one problem; Marquis has a girlfriend named Raven back home. She knows both of them but doesn’t know their past history. 

The stage is set, the choreography is ready. Marquis and Imani know their parts, but will they stick to the script or cause the dance team to lose the competition?


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