The Planet Builders

| October 29, 2018


????? “An absolutely insane SCI FI novel. Never will you find a more cutting satirical ‘take-down’ of the genre than this!” -Carlos Pratt

Join our hero, Captain Dirk White, as he endeavors to build the perfect planet, against all odds! They said it could never be done, and he’s out to prove them wrong, and just maybe find true love along the way; in this thrilling new sci-fi novel with more twists and turns than the inside of a black hole!

Meet an eccentric cast of characters such as Skyblue the beautiful scientist girl; Clowny, a troubled helljuice addict with a checkered past; and Finford, a dolphin accountant who may be more than meets the eye!

“You will certainly feel the “pull” of gravity in this heart-pounding new action-packed novel, as our hero battles forces both external and internal. “

A hair-raising romp through the far-flung future of 5052 where galactic civilization has perfected a perfect libertarian society where planets are custom designed to achieve individual freedom and harmony! But a threat looms! Can our hero find the evil source of bureaucratic “red-tape” that is strangling our Utopian universe? Or will he be too late and the flame of liberty be “snuffed out”?

“Disaster strikes! Construction is behind schedule and the utopian planet’s molten core has gone ‘haywire’. Will true love and a dedication to libertarian ideals be enough to save our heros? Will Dirk build the prefect libertarian planet? Or will the hordes of regulatory agents send him into an ‘eccentric orbit’ of doom?”

Read more to find out in this new, humorous science fiction universe by acclaimed author Danny Ball. It’s funny, it’s poignant, and it just might make you think.

????? “Excellent and fun read and worth every cent and probably even $3.00 more even! Look forward to seeing more from the author” -Ryan Choder

????? “I really must admit the fact that it was a phenomenal book with a unique story-line and it was definitely a page turner” -Utkarsh Umang

????? “This book is just as the description describes it.” -Noel Mohamed

????? “DO NOT BUY, Book is racists against dolphins AND accountants.” -Crazy Reader

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