Christmas Vows $5.00 Extra

| October 13, 2013


Christmas Vows .00 Extra

Ex-con Ben O’Keefe is stranded on the road to Poplar Bluff, with three hungry children in the backseat and less than 0 to his name. With no hope of making it to Grandma’s for Christmas, Ben seeks mercy from the first person he finds: Henrietta Humblesmith, owner of the local marrying parlor. This crusty old woman with a soft heart will surprise them all with a Christmas they will never forget.

“Ben O’Keefe’s plight broke my heart, but Henrietta’s down-home goodness, amplified by the love of God, more than saved the day! A charming addition to any holiday celebration, you’ll want to make time for this winsome story!”
Christy-Award winner.


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