The Satan Strain: An ATLAS Thriller

| October 30, 2018


The Satan Strain: A secret hidden beneath an idyllic island which threatens to kill all those above. A threat more dangerous, more lethal than things of our worst nightmares.

Colonel Jack Flynn aided by Colonel Mary Qui of Med Division head out to Paradise Cove with the Alpha Team SHARC’s, the teeth of ATLAS. They discover more than just the cause of the disaster.

In a race against time Jack and ATLAS are faced with a seemingly unstoppable enemy and a para-military group that will go to any lengths to prevent them from learning the truth. An enemy transformed by genetic manipulation set out to exact his revenge on those responsible for his plight and the world that has forsaken him.

The team travel to the United States, following in the wake of the impending disaster. Desperate to locate the threat before it can be unleashed upon an unsuspecting population.

Can the team stop him before he releases the Satan Strain on an unsuspecting world?

ATLAS: Advanced Threat, Locate And Secure, a global unit set up between the US, UK, France and Germany.
SHARC’s: Special Hot Zone Armed Response Commandos
The Satan Strain: An ATLAS Thriller: Book 1 (
WIRE Tap: The new ATLAS Force Thriller: Book 2 (
Pray for Death: An ATLAS Force Thriller: Book 3 (

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