Hell, Inc.

| October 31, 2018



>> The Mentor (written as Pat Connid)
“No question, The Mentor is a powerful thriller — but it’s also funny.”
— Brad Meltzer, New York Times bestselling author
“This truly is a masterpiece.” — Corey Foley

>> Fifty Shades of Gray Matter (written as Pat Connid)
“Loved this book… Fabulous!” — Natasha Schmidt
“Too funny. Laughing just thinking about it!” — LadyP
“Brilliant.” — Jack White

Now, Get the NEW novel from best-selling author, Dick Wybrow: HELL, INC.

Lifelong screw up Raz Frewer lucks out and finds the perfect girl. But, now she’s sick. Doctors say there’s nothing left to do but say goodbye. Wait for the end.

But instead, this guy who’s barreled through life inadvertently doing the wrong thing decides to go really wrong to save her.

Raz makes a deal with the Devil. He’s got four days to search the planet and collect pieces of an ancient lamp that can cure her.

Naturally, for his part, the Devil isn’t simply in want of a new light fixture for the den. The all-powerful lamp will finally give him the power to rule over Earth.

UK Reader pre-publication review of Hell, inc: “The characters are built beautifully within an awesome story… It’s really f#cking awesome.”

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