Author interview with Jason Gabriel Kondrath of ‘2″ (Two Inches)’

Author Interview with Jason Gabriel Kondrath

Unlike Human Beings, Evil is eternal, it has no boundaries, it is not limited by distance, time, space, or technology. It has always existed since creation, and has grown stronger since its inception. Now its presence has never been more prominent than any other time in human history.


And it was ready to make its final move to extinguish that flame known as “humanity” on planet Earth forever. Two Inches. Evil has never been closer.



Evil is close. Will humanity survive? To find out how evil will unfurl, I’ve been joined by Jason Gabriel Kondrath, author of Two Inches. Jason, let’s get things our chat kicked off by looking back to the start of Two Inches. Can you tell us a little about how the tale came to life?

It came from actual experience. I lived in three houses and each of them were haunted. I found out the owners we sold the houses to were so traumatized that they had the houses torn down because they could not afford the taxes on them, so they had the amount reduced to the cost of a vacant lot.



Very interesting. I’m sure that those strong experiences impacted the characters that came to life in this story. How did you approach writing them?

I write them as if I were them, all of them.



Wow, that’s a lot of characters to write as! Do you find it exhausting to write as so many different characters, or are you energised by the challenge?

Both, I am a manic depressive, but if you can make it work for you…



So, how do you make it work for you? For instance, what do you think about as you write?

What you read is what you get.



How do you think you’ve improved as a writer to make the words that are being read better?

I’ve learned how to communicate more effectively I think.



Was learning how to communicate more effectively your biggest learning experience of getting this book on the bookshop shelves, or was there another area that left a great impact on your writing approach?

I learned how difficult it was not trying to make the book perfect, it is obtainable and it you do it will never be completed. Every work of art is Unfinished, even the Mona Lisa.



What did you want to share in Two Inches, your own work of art?

I am original, I have something to say, a story that has never been told before, you want to see that same garbage at the movies, Halloween Part 50, the same ridiculous character who walks from victim to victim, with a rubber mask and cannot be killed no matter how many times he was shot, stabbed or burned in the previous movies, have at it. That is exactly the reason why we have so many real-life serial killers in this world. Society has become so desensitized to violence.



Being original is incredibly important for artists, like yourself. Have you started to consider how to showcase your originality through an author brand?

I have and I do. My website is a part of that.



Well, our readers will have to check it out after our interview. But before they get there, can you share a little taste of your next tale to entice them to follow your words? What’s your current writing project?

Stang, the story of a girl who buys her dream car, one with Artificial Intelligence and that’s when the nightmare begins…



Oh, the nightmare of a dream car! I’m sure that there will be a reader or two who likes the idea of that, but before nightmare of cars, they should explore the evil with Two Inches! Jason, thanks for sharing a taste of evil with myself and the readers today, and I hope you keep having fun exploring nightmares through words!


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘2″ (Two Inches) ( ASIN: 1726642607 )‘.

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