Rooks of the Raven

| November 6, 2018


.Fans of 12 Years a Slave or Roots will love the gripping novel that is Rooks of the Raven

Unravel a dark past that is slavery. Rooks will leave you chilling with awe, sorrow, admiration. Young teen fights her way through a life in chains.

Abel finds comfort in a local boy and they become good friends. Corjo does something she never would have believed if she didn’t witness it with her own eyes. He tosses his shoes on a shop to signify that they will be friends no matter what each possess. A pair of shoe is something Abel does not have.My freedom was taken away from me when my family was discovered by a man–a slave trader–with a personal vendetta. After watching my family tortured before my eyes, me and my baby sister were sold into slavery in Virginia where we learned first-hand everything our parents worked so hard to conceal us from.

I didn’t want my baby sister to breathe the sins of this world, so I did what I thought was best. I took her life.

Have you ever quenched for a story that will drive intense emotions? Glare through the lens of a 14-year young slave. Both parents former slaves. The thing is, Abel mother a mute. She watches as her beloved daughters are captured in front of her. She could not even cry her children’s name…

Are you curious as to why on the cover the woman holding a chess piece?
Rooks of the Raven is a unique type of story. Unravel the Rooks history, learn the power of the word, and be prepared for an emotional journey of triumph over adversity.


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