Soulless Creatures: Heart Scars

| November 5, 2018


Is Lisa an innocent little girl, or a wicked monster? It’s been 10 years since we last met, but she hasn’t aged in the slightest. She’s still the same girl I fell in love with when I was young, and who I’ve been trying to kill ever since. The only problem is: I can’t even lay a finger on her. She’s too strong for me, and claims that an even stronger vampire is the one really responsible for what she did. She needs my help to kill him, and I don’t know what to do. If I make the wrong decision, I’ll unleash an evil upon this city that will cost a lot of lives, including mine. One way or another, I’ll discover the truth about this mystery, and save everyone… or my name isn’t Drake.

WARNING: This book contains adult themes, sexual themes, controversial themes, and descriptions of extreme violence. If you don’t like some of these subjects, if you are easily offended, or if you have a hard time making a distinction between fiction and reality, I recommend not reading this book. I do not support, defend, or encourage any of the illegal behaviours presented in this novel.

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