The Hatmaker

| November 5, 2018


A Boy Who Makes Magic. The Madman Who Steals It.

Magic is supposed to solve problems. But for Jeremy Mycroft, it only makes things worse. When Jeremy discovers he can make hats that grant the wearer magical powers, he tries to sell them to save the family store. But the townspeople who buy the hats don’t understand how to use the strange powers. When people start to get hurt, Jeremy is forced to give back all the money and is forbidden from making any more hats.

Modesto is a dark and mysterious magician who has come to town for unknown reasons. When he finds out Jeremy can make hats that do real magic, he convinces Jeremy to make a special hat for an insane amount of money—enough to save the store. But Modesto keeps the hat and doesn’t pay the money. Worse, the magician begins to use the hat to control the people Jeremy loves, eventually taking over the entire town. Now Jeremy is alone and must figure out how to beat a man who has unlimited power.

The Hatmaker is a contemporary fantasy story by Seth Wilks. Told with humor and imagination, you’ll be entertained from page one. If you enjoy fast-paced action, shapeshifting magical Were-Rabbits and kids fighting to save the world, then you’ll love The Hatmaker.

Get it now to see if Jeremy can beat a man who can do anything.


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