A Creative Guide to The Present Moment

| November 6, 2018



The mind is a noise and you can creatively shut it down

You have limited time on this planet. You can increase your wealth, but you cannot increase your time. Once the time has gone, it has gone forever. It is a fact. And you waste your time in remembering your past or in your fantasies and imagination for future. You don’t live in the present. It is not your fault. As you live with a mind, so you live in past and future. Your mind is past and future. But the life is in the present. Growth is in the present. Creativity is in the present. Enlightenment occurs in the present. However, you are helpless to come to the present moment. You feel nervous when you come to the present moment. Or you don’t know how to come to the present moment and stay in it continually along with ease and comfort, a creative mind, and huge success in life. Then what to do?

Read this wonderful book: A Creative Guide to the Present Moment: A Powerful 25 Step Process to Get Ease & Comfort, A Creative Mind, and Huge Success in Life

This book in the form of a guide teaches you 25 powerful techniques and methods to come to the present moment so that:

  • You understand your mind deeply
  • You develop your awareness and do your present work with full perfection
  • Become creative and effortless in life and live your life with ease and comfort while making the necessary efforts
  • Meditate, visualize, trust and create
  • Live your life according to your own terms
  • Develop a powerful intuition power, decision making, and complete positiveness in life
  • Develop a selfless leader inside you to get huge success in life
  • Create spontaneity, witnessing power, and meet consciousness: a way to enlightenment

The way to achieve all the above things in life is through the present moment. But most people don’t know how to come to the present moment permanently to get ease and comfort, a creative mind, and massive success in life. For it,

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