The Awakening: Book 1

| November 7, 2018


Life long friends, Eric Summers and Collin Grainger, have always led a pretty simple life. Eric has always stood in the shadows while Collin was the center of attention. Their lives are about to be flipped upside down, when they head off to college to embark on a new adventure. Something tragic happens to the boys, that brings out an ability that has laid in dormancy. As their new abilities begin to manifest, they find out that they may be more than just friends. Sparks fly as they try to figure out how they truly feel about one another and Collin becomes more distant with Eric, as he now has to deal with not being the center of attention, while Eric has to overcome his fears and deal with the fact that he was born to lead. Can Eric step out of the shadows and make the two worlds balance as one? Can Collin deal with the fact that he is no longer the center of attention and has to be in Eric’s shadow for once? Follow along as Eric tells his story of love, friendship, and overwhelming fears. Find out if Eric will choose to lead his people into the light and risk losing his one true love or will he choose Collin and leave his people to perish under the rule of the malefic group, who are trying to destroy all those that stand against them.

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