| November 7, 2018


Can one flawed child survive in a world where perfection is the only way?

Adaline is a world of utopian excellence. The human race has been made pure, curated with mechanical precision. Without worry of illness, famine or social unrest, Adaline’s inhabitants live simple lives of utter contentment. That is, until something dangerous stirs in the mind of one small child.

In the dark silence of his cubicle, Boy 1124562 discovers an alarming defect. His mind doesn’t go blank during sleep like all the others. Instead, he dreams. 1124562 must decide between staying on the prescribed path of utopia and being who he really is, and the temptation to use his imagination is too much to bear.

As fanciful dreams transform the way he views the world around him, someone escapes Adaline, rocking the very foundation of society. Now all of Adaline is on the hunt for anyone who might be different, and 1124562’s love affair with his imagination turns from dangerous to deadly.

Author Denise Kawaii dares to question what it is to be human with the first book of the Adaline series – dystopian adventures filled with unsettling questions, agonizing betrayals, and proof that there is power in imperfection.

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