Undercover Volunteer Series: Love In Disguise

| November 8, 2018


Have you ever wanted to see the billionaires of the world get what’s coming to them? If you have, then this fascinating new series is right up your alley. Each book in this series tells the tale of an aggressive, powerful, and arrogant billionaire who volunteers to be auctioned off to do four shifts of volunteer work at a private fundraising event. The winner of the auction gets to select where the billionaire will do his volunteer work while their identity remains secret. Later, the big reveal is a gala event that benefits the billionaire and the non-profit. But exposing billionaires to ordinary people can sometimes have another, unplanned result.

In this first tale of the series, you meet Jennifer Ackman, the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation called Ackman Enterprises. Jennifer is auctioned off to work at the Heavenly Haven Animal Sanctuary. The owner of the non-profit is Louis, who dedicates his life to rescuing and helping animals.

Definite chemistry exists between Louis and his new volunteer, at least until he learns her true identity. Discovering who Jennifer is, Louis ends the relationship, believing Jennifer is a cold-hearted snob. However, meeting and working with Louis has given Jennifer a new look at life, one she has not had before. Jennifer undergoes some painful self-reflection. Her relationship with Louis has changed her … but is it too late to get Louis back?

There is only one way to find out … order your copy now!


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