The Last Good Day

| November 12, 2018


Eighteen-year-old Avery is a talented musician leaving home to study at the Boston Conservatory of Music to take his shot at success and glory.

Before he boards the 8 AM Northeast Connector out of Princeton Junction, he has one last day at the Jersey Shore with Angela, his best friend since the first day of ninth grade at Windsor High School.

The day starts off smoothly enough, but when the always levelheaded Angela goes ballistic and storms out while getting her palm read on the Boardwalk by Madame Marie, and then reveals that she’s decided to not go to Princeton University in the fall, a lifelong dream, Avery fears there’s something very, very wrong and he’s, as usual, at a loss as to what to do.

Later in the evening when Avery surprises Angela (and himself) by performing a new song that he wrote for her, she becomes completely unglued, screaming, “You’ve ruined everything!” as she takes off into the night.

While stuck at the very top of the Wildwood Ferris Wheel, just as the evening fireworks begin to paint the sky, Angela finally reveals something she’s been hiding from him for years and that she’d planned to keep it from him, out of love for him. A love he suddenly finds his eyes completely open to and embracing.

Avery then finds his decision to leave, in fact his entire plan for his future has just become far more complicated. The choice he faces as he stands on the beach, include the chance that he could lose either his one shot at success in music, or Angela, the only stable thing in his life, and perhaps far more than that now, put Avery at a crossroads and force him to reconsider who he is, who he wants to be, and more immediately, what is he doing to do now?

The Last Good Day is a novel for Young Adults and the people who love them.

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