Choice of Weapon

| October 15, 2013


Choice of Weapon


Michael Marshall Smith…

Brutal and uncompromising with unforgettable characters and real emotional punch – C. Marten-Zerf raises the bar on how good intelligent action thrillers can be.

The Review (London)…

Hard hitting and grittily realistic Marten-Zerf never fails to impress, once again combining fast paced frequent action with gut wrenching emotion – another sure fire winner.


Garrett is an ex-soldier, forged in the flames of war.

Now he hides from his terrible past. Reclusive. Alone.

But one phone call drags him back. An old friend needs his help and Garrett is her ultimate Choice of Weapon.

He leaves the safety of his mountain retreat to once again enter a world of violence and depravity that will force him to react in the only way that he knows how. A way he swore never to follow again…


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