The Swann Series: Books 1 – 3

| November 22, 2018


I am Savannah Van Duyn. Damaged. Desperate. Extremely Dangerous.

These first three books start the story of a bullied sixteen year old girl who has no choice but to leave her family and friends and crawl into the web of a ruthless geneticist, a creepy scientist who claims to be able to fix her every problem at the DNA level.  This story begs the question, if you change your face and body, can you change your life? Get ready to meet the most badass girl of all time.


A missing girl, illegal human experiments, the biggest secret in US history…

Old science says you’re born a certain way.  But if you push experimental science too far, if you don’t die in the process, can you become something else entirely? Something not quite human? Follow this extraordinary girl into the depths of dark science and conspiracy as she becomes something far more extraordinary than the human mind can fathom.



Q: Why should readers try this series?

A: This bold new series starts out looking at the life of a regular(ish) teen girl who’s bullied at the hands of her mother, the paparazzi and her fellow students. But what happens over this nine book series is this unfortunate girl becomes the most badass girl in all of history. Most readers will appreciate this series because there is literally nothing like it out there right now, which makes the Swann series feel fresh and yes, highly addictive.


Q: What kind of series is this?

A: Swann and Monarch (books one and two) are both human stories steeped in high school angst, bullies, difficult parents and the twisted effects of human genetic modification. The third book, Clone, kicks this world wide open, unleashing a rapidly evolving world of urban fantasy. By the ninth and final book in this series, urban fantasy will have become dark fantasy, but by then you’ll be so hooked that nothing else will matter (the author says with a Cheshire cat-like grin).


Q: What kind of readers will enjoy these books?

A: Fans of Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games and Divergent will appreciate this unique series.


Q: Are there adult themes in this series?

A: Yes. In staying authentic to the YA world, there is some strong language, violence and adult situations. I personally feel this series should be enjoyed by ages 15 and above.



This book easily surpasses five stars. There is very uniquely constructed world with relatable problems most teens and young adults can connect to. I just love stories like these that almost can’t really be put into a classification or they can be stuffed into several.”

– Rebecca, Amazon Reviewer for Swann ?????


Wow! Monarch was even better than Swann. The twists and turns were very interesting. I couldn’t put the book down, it was so good. Loved it!”

– Rose, Amazon Reviewer for Monarch ?????


This is my favorite of the first three books! It’s scripted so well that I could literally feel their feelings and pain. I cried and laughed and totally enjoyed this book. The character development is phenomenal.”

– Kierra, Amazon Reviewer for Clone ?????



  • Swann
  • Monarch
  • Clone
  • Masochist
  • Weapon
  • Raven
  • Abomination
  • Enigma
  • Crucified (Coming Soon!)
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