ABC ANIMAL Rhyming Storybook (The Alphabet Series)

| October 15, 2013


ABC ANIMAL Rhyming Storybook (The Alphabet Series)

A fun way for your preschooler to learn the alphabet. The added rhyming paragraphs that accompany each letter combined with the wonderful full color illustration are a proven way to reinforce the learning experience. Colorful picture books are a great way to help your children learn while keeping them entertained as they flip through the alphabet from A to Z.

Books for preschoolers that employ rhymes are more memorable. Each rhyme introduces your child to a whimsical animal and is guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face.

Here is a sample of one of the rhymes.

The letter “A’ begins your alphabet;
25 that follow that you soon won’t forget.
‘A’ can stand for the green alligator.

You won’t see many as a table waiter.

To find the gator, look in the water.
They prefer weather that is much hotter.
They all have a very long snout,
Perfect for catching the big, fat trout.


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