The Natural Selection Retaliation (Cyber Thought Police Book Two)

| November 23, 2018


A Young Adult Action Fantasy


It’s Time for Nature to Battle Technology


After escaping the monstrous kaiju sent to destroy them, Neo-Khaos and the stragglers moved to the abandoned Yamamoto Naval base to regroup and strategize their next move.


They used the aircraft carrier, the J.S.S. Yamato to travel to the Program’s origin country, North America. It wasn’t an easy journey


They experienced surveillance drones to locate them, another abandoned naval base to refuel which wasn’t abandoned. The Program engineered a new menace. That was just the first leg.


After the first leg, they had to negotiate through many different obstacles to get to their Baltimore goal. They all countered the post-apocalypse with intentional romance. Out of all the devastation, they had to rebuild humanity.


Will they defeat the Program? Can they even get to Baltimore from Hong Kong with no sailing skills easily? What new and different heinous attack mechanisms does the Program have to destroy Humanity’s last remnants? Find out in book two of Cyber Thought Police, The Natural Selection Retaliation!

In this exciting next book, you’ll get:



  • The after-effects of loss and how to cope




  • A roller-coaster adventure




  • New survivors




  • Unexpected couplings




  • A much darker fotce



Find out what happens in The Natural Selection Retaliation: Cyber Thought Police Book Two!


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