Author interview with Diane de Simone of ‘Stepping lightly through times of great change’

Author Interview with Diane de Simone

Science is now revealing the underlying principles of the universe and OUR EXISTENCE. LISTEN to frequencies, vibrations which shift you. We must EVOLVE, transcend centuries-old ways of thinking. We’re must WAKE Up to join a new humanity creating New Earth.



Do you want to wake up and join a new humanity? Diane de Simone, author of ‘stepping lightly through times of great change’ has kindly dropped into to help us listen and find our way to these new times. Diane, what originally drew you to write about this new humanity?

This book actually began with listening to Elke Neher’s music. She’s a healer who uses different embedded frequencies to shift us. Her music then came together with certain thoughts and phrases. I knew it would be a short book IF I worked on it. But that was a big if! I was creating something else at the time. YET it kept on nudging me to work on it. I kept on giving it short shrift…Until one day I suddenly threw up my hands and said: “okay! Why Not!” !!!



*Laughs* I love those insistent ideas! So, what’s the central message that kept pulling you back and insisting that you write about it and share it with the world?

…. In a short and engaging way I want to say that we’re walking through times of transformation and that the chaos that surrounds us is asking us all to wake up, to own we are of a higher consciousness, to step up to claim it, to create a new humanity.



That’s a very powerful message and one that’s bound to impress strong ideas on both readers and yourself as the writer. What strong message did you learn while you were working on this project?

To trust in the format and its message.



Did you find that you drew on events in your own life to help you build this message into your work?

Oh yes! All of the inner shifts I’ve been working through– the process of growth I’ve been celebrating — for the past two decades!



Two decades of growth! Congratulations! And reading between the lines it sounds like a fair amount of that growth has been in the writing space. Over the time when you’ve written, do you feel that you’ve seen an improvement in your writing and author voice?

It’s more malleable — maybe less serious?!



Less serious can be much more fun to read so I think it’s a move in the right direction. Even though your writing tone is becoming less serious, have you kept the serious levels high around the author brand you want to share with the world. Have you thought about this before?

Nope. I haven’t thought about it. There can be no brand, really, I imagine. Fiction, non-fiction, memoir — they have been already published and more are within me.



Do you find it energising to write and share stories in those genres and more?

I adore writing. It’s my offering, my salvation! It always gives gifts and creates miracles.



What’s spinning around in your head as those miracles and gifts are developing?

Whatever is called for in the moment, Words, phrases, events — they come through me.



I love how sometimes certain words or phrases at the moment can leave a lasting impression on a reader or writer. Have you ever followed words, phrases or events from books that have left strong impacts on you into the real world on a literary pilgrimage?

Yes. In my early twenties. I had read all of Nikos Kazantzakis’ work — The Last Temptation of Christ, Zorba the Greek, his letters, his autobiography, etc — and I wanted to know his haunts in Greece. And I saved enough money to travel to and in Greece. I soon found I’d been living there for a year.



Wow, that’s an awesome pilgrimage! A journey like that has no doubt influenced your entire life and writing projects in ways that we as readers may never understand. But let’s try anyway, by looking forward to your next writing project. What can you tell us about it?

A new memoir about finding a new true home.



That sounds like a journey that many a reader will relate to. While we’re waiting for it to appear, we’ll just have to keep re-reading ‘stepping lightly through times of great change’, and building ourselves up as people who will be ready for that new home soon! Diane, thanks so much for sharing a taste of your writing, and I can’t wait to hear more about your next release!


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