Jake’s Quest For The Five Stones

| November 22, 2018


A fast-paced adventure and mystery to satisfy children, parents, teachers and librarians all over the world. Jake’s Quest For The Five Stones empowers and teaches children the value of self-worth, hope, trust and how important it is to know one’s own character and feelings.

When Jake’s community turns its back on him, he goes on a secret quest to find a rare flower that can help him solve his challenges. Along this journey, Jake learns how to connect with crystals and use their unique properties and extraordinary abilities to help teach him some of life’s most important lessons.

This book teaches children about the value of inner guidance and how to overcome life’s challenges.

Beautifully illustrated, full of adventure, curiosity, wisdom, and wonder, this book is ideal for anyone who wishes to understand crystals’ healing powers and how to best connect with and care for them.

Get ready for more magical adventures in the “Be The Alchemist” series.

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