Author interview with Kerry Wells of ‘Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ’

Author Interview with Kerry Wells

I interacted with Jesus Christ as the consciousness of the Sun. Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ I share my interactions with Christ and God and my experiences with heaven and hell.



Kerry Wells has joined us at to do a speedy sneak peek into the book of Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ. Kerry, let’s get straight into the fun, what can you share with us about what initially motivated you to write this book?

I started writing this book at the urging of God and Christ during an experience I had on the eclipse of 2017.



Did you draw on other experiences from your life, in addition to your experiences of the eclipse, to build the journey recounted in the book?

Yes, all of the experiences in this book with Christ and God happened to me personally.



Looking, back what do you feel that all of these experiences have taught you?

I learned that God and Christ are made of love itself, and they want us to share that love with others and refrain from acts that hurt others or ourselves.



I agree, love really is important. Was the importance of love the central message you wanted to say to readers who take the journey with you in Messages from the Sun God, Jesus Christ?

The most important thing to remember is that God and Christ love us all unconditionally and just want us to follow their teaching of loving others as ourselves.



And I hope that readers who follow your journey really do take this message home and to heart. Kerry, thanks for sharing a snippet of your work with us today, and I hope to hear more about your new writing projects soon!


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