Wonderland (The Storyworlds)

| October 16, 2013


Wonderland (The Storyworlds)

“You are here. Good. You have work to do,” said the Cheshire Cat.

Thus begins the adventures of ten year-old DJ and Isabelle, his twelve year-old sister, in The Storyworlds. Having unwittingly released a dangerous creature known as an imp, the kids chase after it into “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” to prevent it from erasing the book from existence. As they stay one step ahead of Alice on her journey through Wonderland, Isabelle and DJ must fix the damage the imp is doing and ultimately capture it to ensure that the story unfolds as Lewis Carroll wrote it. Along the way, they encounter wonderful characters from a classic story, fill some holes in the original tale (Why is there a giant puppy in chapter four of “Alice?”), and, of course, have some fun.


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