Dreams: Guide To The Soul, 40 Ancient Secret Keys to Healing, Renewal and Power

| October 17, 2013


Dreams: Guide To The Soul, 40 Ancient Secret Keys to Healing, Renewal and Power

Would you like an empathetic psychologist to systematically and comprehensively tell you how the best dream interpreters interpret dreams? Are you interested in the meaning behind dreams? Have you ever had a dream and wondered what it meant? If you answered yes, then this book is for you. Dr. Steven Fox will give you a look into what dreams really mean. Enter the mind of an experienced psychologist as he tells you the vital processes used to interpret a dream.

How do you use dreams to guide your life? There are patterns of thought fixed in the subconscious called archetypes that contain vast stores of energy. To make use of this energy, the dreamer must be aware of the pervasive archetype in a given situation. If the person ties into that energy, they enter a world of flow with a seemingly endless supply of energy. The Shadow archetype is one that the dreamer often faces because it is a major source of change. Avoiding fighting the energy and tying into your major power makes the path ahead more certain and uses your vigor and passion.

After years of work as a private-practice clinical psychologist, Dr. Steven G. Fox has compiled a list of the 40 most essential keys/rules that build a conceptual framework for an understandable and accessible method of interpreting dreams. The author uses several full dream examples to show how each rule is used to interpret dreams, using anonymous client dreams. Therapists will appreciate this handy reference while the interested layman can also easily grasp the dream interpretation methods which are described in everyday language. The general tone of the book is relaxed yet professional. The casual reader won’t feel intimidated, but the professional won’t be insulted by a simplistic approach.
Dr. Fox gives each essential key/rule/theme its own chapter, with a brief explanation of its meaning and then provides several sample dreams from real (but anonymous) clients, along with detailed interpretations of the situations their dreams address.
This approach gives the reader an understandable and useful starting point for clarifying dreams. Those seeking an easily accessible and logically explained procedures for harvesting the deeper meaning of a dream will find what they have been looking for in this book. Following the interpretation chapters, Dr. Fox provides a bibliography and reference list for those interested in further reading, as well as a short glossary of some select terms used throughout the work.

About the Author
Dr. Fox, a private-practice licensed psychologist with over 25 years experience, says, “Having this book at the beginning of my practice would have reduced the amount of time it took me to get to where I am now by at least ten years.”
It was while recovering from complications from an experimental treatment for MS (which was ultimately successful) that Fox had a recurring dream that facilitated his recovery and led to his fascination with dreams and their meanings. Fox and his wife Deborah Brogan, a board certified psychiatrist, currently share a private practice office in Mesa, Arizona.

“Dreams: Guide to the Soul” is a well-written, straightforward and easily understandable guide to dream interpretation. The layout of the book makes it ideal for quick reference. The 40 chapters each begin with an explanation of the dream key used to understand and extract the deep meaning of a dream. Following this, several examples of dreams containing these key elements, along with the dream interpretations, are provided. The language is clear and the writing style is relaxed yet professional. The inclusion of the reference section and selected glossary encourages further reading / research on the parts of both laymen and professionals. Dr. Fox’s passion for his profession shines through on every page. Every clinician and person interested in using dreams for guidance would benefit from reading this book.


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