The Light of Winter

| November 26, 2018


Nora Castille is a survivor. Already harboring childhood scars, Nora is doing all that she can to put the past where it belongs: behind her.

But when old wounds are reopened, Nora is rocked to her core, left wondering if she could ever truly heal from the trauma that seems to haunt her very steps.

When she decides to leave behind her job, friends, and life she’d built to go on a soul-searching sabbatical in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, she is searching for inner peace.

What she finds instead is Liam, a widower who was victim to a tragic turn of fate that took it all from him. With the pain of her own past still fresh in her mind, all she can do is push away this stranger that she feels such a deep and instant connection to.

But, when a near-miss accident has Nora’s lonely life flashing before her very eyes, she is forced to consider the possibilities that life has to offer.

With the help of Michael, a kind and empathetic lodge employee, will Nora be able to grasp her second chance at happiness?

Or will she be too late and miss out on what could have been?

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