Secret Salvation

| November 28, 2018


In five years, a planetoid larger than our Moon will obliterate Earth in 2020; a discovery made in 1957 by The Eden Foundation. Genetic biologist, Dr. Joseph Bishop learns this secret upon his recruitment to join Eden’s Project Salvation. His research is the key to saving the human race… but, not on Earth.

The most unheralded event in history takes place in 1983, the first human-crewed mission to Mars. A secret watched alone by the Foundation. “We call it Salvation,” Eden informs Joseph showing pictures of the functioning complex for ten thousand colonists. 

Home in New York, Joseph has three months to prepare for departure to Salvation with his wife, Mary. He must keep this secret from everyone to save Mary and himself; a secret he grapples with realizing the fate of the billions left behind on Earth. Eden monitors Joseph’s every moment ensuring their secret remains protected, just as they have watched him since his childhood.

Flashbacks reveal the lengths Eden has made to protect the secret responsible for the world’s greatest conspiracies the last sixty years. “It’s easy to divert the public’s attention.” The same flashbacks expose Joseph’s family connection to Eden. This relationship, rather than destiny, guides him more than he knows.

“Secret Salvation” is a character-driven, science-fiction/suspense novel, and is Book One of the “Salvation Trilogy”

“A captivating, high-stakes sci-fi adventure…” – Kirkus Reviews

POWER… CONSPIRACY… REVELATION… the secret of Salvation is to save humanity…

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