Goal Setting: How to Get Everything You Want (Personal Development Book)

| November 28, 2018


«The very moment we are quitting our comfort zone, we are destroying some valuable resource, which was feeding our body and mind. Moreover, it orders to stay alive; we should start growing a new comfort zone, from the ground up.»

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I think that no such person has never heard this old joke of traditional psychology, a comfort zone. In short, it comes to the following demagogy,

‘Do you want to achieve something? Alternatively, something more? Then you should know that whatever you seek is always outside your ‘comfort zone.’ To get a chance, opportunities, circumstances and tools, you ought to quit your comfort zone, to leave it and to make a decisive step towards the unknown.’

We are people attracted by high goals, sometimes we attend some psychological Web site or a workshop, buy a theme book, download a traditional lecture… moreover, what do we hear? We hear lies.

This is what we hear,
‘Do you want to change anything in your life? Do you want to achieve something? Something more? However, you have to quit your comfort zone! Everything good is lying outside your habitual comfort zone.’

Having quitted the comfort zone, we start waiting naively – when will these desirable chances, possibilities, circumstances, and tools, promised to us by the coach, appear, for we could get ‘Something More’ in life.

Here You Will Learn…

  • Comfort Zone. Bad Myths of Popular Psychology
  • Quitting The Comfort Zone: A Typical View
  • The Second Camp of People Laughing at Maslow
  • Three Main Questions for Those Who Intend to Change Something! Where? What? Why?
  • Goals and Desires. How to Understand What I Actually Want?
  • Bonus! A Few Pieces of Advice How to Understand Your Own Desires and to Obtain Inspiring Goals (Complete collection – save $2.99)
  • Much, much more!

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