Yoga for Weight Loss

| October 18, 2013


Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

Let yoga transform your life like it has done for millions before you! This comprehensive book on yoga includes

35 photos, yoga poses illustrations;

46 links to video tutorials;

possibility to subscribe to newsletter and ask book authors your questions as well as receive yoga for weight loss updates, relevant materials.

We made the book as practical as possible. It includes the following topics:

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Why Read this Book?

Introduction to Yoga

What is Yoga?

Why is Yoga Important for Weight Loss?

What Can Yoga Do for You?

Benefits of Yoga

How to Lose Weight through Yoga

How Can Yoga Improve Your Posture and Appearance

Advanced Yoga Techniques to Strengthen the Body

Yoga and Weight Loss

How Does Yoga Help Reduce Weight?

Yoga vs. High Impact Sports

Yoga vs. Weight Training

Yoga vs. Cardio

Why Does Yoga Work When Dieting Fails?

Importance of Stress Reduction In Weight Loss

Yoga Therapy for Obesity

Yoga Styles and Types

Best Yoga Styles to Lose Weight

Essential Yoga Equipment

Do’s and Don’ts in Yoga

Yoga Poses – The ‘Asanas’

Yoga Poses for Relaxation and Relieving Stress

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Yoga Poses for Strength

Yoga Poses to Build Muscle

Organs Affected by Yoga Poses

Yoga for Beginners

Who Can Practice Yoga?

Where Can You Practice Yoga?

When to Practice Yoga

Dieting during Yoga

Yoga Workout Plan for Weight Loss

Warm Up Exercises

Yoga Exercises for Beginners

Complete Yoga Workout Plan

Setting Up Yoga Weight Loss Goals

Healthy Habits to Lose Weight Faster

Yoga and Breathing

Breathing in Yoga and Why it is so Important

How Can Breathing Help Lose Weight?

Yoga and Food

The Essential Yoga Diet

Yoga Weight Loss Recipes

Yoga and Relaxation

How Does Yoga Relaxation, Detoxification And Emotional Release Induce Weight Loss?

Hormones Yoga Stimulates To Help You Lose Weight

How does Internal Body Cleansing Affect Weight Loss?

Awareness about Yoga Meditation and How It Helps Weight Loss

Which Yoga Style Will Work for You?

What Experts Say About Yoga for Weight Loss

Final Word

Recommended Further Reading

APPENDIX – I Understanding ‘Dosha’ – Discover the Type of Yoga that is Suitable for Your Dosha

APPENDIX – II List of Foods Suitable for Your Dosha


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