False Flag (A Frank Bowen conspiracy thriller)

| October 18, 2013


False Flag (A Frank Bowen conspiracy thriller)

False Flag

A conspiracy thriller by Jay Tinsiano

Looking for a break from his boring English life, Frank Bowen travels to Asia intent on shaking things up. On his way, he meets an exciting female ex-pat and after a thrilling night together, his life changes forever. Before he knows it, Bowen is robbed, dubiously employed, and completely entangled in a web of international intrigue.

Join author Jay Tinsiano on a captivating thrill ride through the seedier sides of Bangkok, through the nightmare of terrorism and the desperation of a wayward traveler caught in its throes.

Want true adventure? Read False Flag.


“False Flag is by far one of the best thrillers that I have came across all year.” Amazon reviewer Manchester

“False Flag would make a great conspiracy movie.”

Goodreads reviewer Liza F.

“This genre usually does not captivate me, but this book did. Great plot, the writing style puts the reader dead center in the sweat, the moods,action and fear. I have been in and out of Asia many times and this book took me back without the cost of a plane ticket and was a heck of a lot more entertaining than a long plane ride. Great book!”

Brad Hayes

“Very well depicted scenery and awesome character depth. A quick read, a brilliant plot, and a wonderfully well written story.”

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