Ronin (Col Sec Book 1)

| December 3, 2018


He stood on the Observation Lounge looking out at the vista of stars, waiting to die.

In the mid-25th century the galaxy is split between 2 superpowers, the Colonial Confederation and the Elysium Alliance who are locked in a never ending cold war.

Can a single soldier, the sole survivor of a secret program deemed too dangerous to continue turn the scales of power? This lone soldier must first decide whether to remain a pawn of his government or become a soldier with no master, a Ronin.
The Col Sec Series
Ronin: Book 1 (
Omega: Book 2 (
Discovery: Book 3 (
Retribution: Book 4 (
Extinction: Book 5 (
Resurrection: Book 6 (
Blackstar Gambit: Book 7 (
War Dogs: Book 8 (
Armageddon: Book 9 (
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The Captain Savage Series: Savage by Nature- A spin off from the Col Sec Series (


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